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Getting Started

A transaction based account for members looking for low-cost chequing privileges. Members pay a small monthly fee and then pay for other services on an as-used basis.
For members who deposit and withdraw several times a month, First Savings account holders receive 6 free withdrawals per month. Interest is calculated on the closing daily balance and paid monthly.
First Credit Union's flexible version of a high interest savings account. And while you're saving, you don't have to worry about succumbing to small purchase temptations because this account is not accessible by ATM or MEMBERCARD® debit card; however, when you do need your funds, you can easily withdraw from your Power Saver using online banking or in-branch. And to really supercharge your savings, you can easily set up an automatic deposit to your Power Saver from any of your other accounts. It's like putting your savings on auto-pilot!
  • Interest is calculated on closing daily balance and paid monthly.
  • Unlimited deposits can be made and 1 free withdrawal is permitted per month.
  • Rate of interest is generally higher than regular savings accounts but is not fixed, it may fluctuate over the course of the year
  • For members who prefer to do their primary banking online. Includes 45 self-serve electronic transactions and unlimited electronic bill payments. See account brochure for more details.
    Members receive unlimited self-serve and electronic transactions (including e-transfers). This account is ideal for members who enjoy the convenience of unlimited online banking. See account brochure for more details.